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Anonymous asked: Do you know of any queer or feminist porn sites? (ie. porn that is not degrading and unrealistic)



Heck yeah! 

Crashpad is probably the biggest, most well known queer and feminist porn site. It’s got the likes of April Flores and Jiz Lee working for it, along with a huge roster of performers who fall pretty much everywhere on every type of spectrum you could possibly think of. It’s pretty freaking rad.

QueerPorn.TV is also super awesome. It has a bunch of the big names too, like Courtney Trouble and Arabelle Raphael (note: a lot of these people perform in videos on both sites), along with, again, lotsa other queer and/or trans performers. 

Those are probably your best bets starting out! Enjoy the wonderful world of queer, feminist porn. It’s incredibly hot, amazing, and empowering. <3

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